TAJWAAL | INTERFERENCE in Residency in Hildesheim 2018


With the support of Culture Resource INTERFERENCE team is landing in Hildesheim to take part in EVI LICHTUNGEN in January 2018.

The collaboration between Collectif Créatif and Internationale Kunstprojekte Hildesheim is growing from year to year. The aim of the visit is to deepen the exchange between both projects and to prepare for INTERFERENCE Tunis in September 2018.

During the exchange, the team will have the opportunity to be involved in the communication, organization and administration of all the parts of the project. They will be working with the project’s director Klaus Wilhelm as well as with the artistic director Prof. Bettina Pelz and a large number of other team members and artists. We are looking forward to share our experience with you.

TAJWAAL | Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

TAJWAAL is program lunched by Culture Resource in 2016. It aims to increase the visibility and representation of culture and the arts originating from the Arab region in other parts of the world through supporting international travel opportunities that enable Arab artists and cultural players to share their work with colleagues and diverse audiences in a broader global context.

Culture Resource with its longstanding experience with designing and implementing re-granting programs, its organizational infrastructure, and its extensive regional and international networks of artists and organizations has the ambition to make this program relevant and successful.

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy