Robert Sochacki

INTERFERENCE Project: Loophole
Loophole is a small door to see the World on the other side. A magical, unique, colorful World […] where everything is beautifully turning in a slow rhythm of an old music box tune. It gives you a chance to breathe away from your every-day reality.
[Text by Robert Sochacki]

INTERFERENCE Site: Wall Opposite to Club Tahar Haddad (rue du Tribunal, Tunis)

Robert Sochacki

[Photos: Amira Ben Achour, Amor Ben Rhouma, Sabina von Kassel, Brahim Gueddich]

Robert Sochacki’s artistic practice spans from video to graphic-, costume – and stage-design to time-and site-specific installations in public space. Through his performances and Vjing, he focuses on real time synesthetic experiences of vision and sound. Adapted from Article

2014| Endless Summer – a list of the Geisha | MiTo | Warsaw (pl)
2013| Orchestra in (projection installation ) | Lichtrouten festival | Luedenscheid (de)
2013| One night (video installation) | Noche en Blanco Festival | Lima (per)
2012| Night in the Old Cinema (interventions in public space) | Salon Batycki | Gdynia (pl)
2011| Crystal Palace (projection on the palace’s facade) | Farbfest, Bauhaus | Dessau (de)
2010| NARRACJE (installations and interventions in public space) | Gdansk City Gallery | Gdansk (pl)
2006| followINto (Video Installation) | Sfinks 15th Anniversary Exhibition | Sfinks Foundation | Sopot (pl)

2013| The Audience Award, third place | Festival Lichtrouten Luedenscheid | Luedenscheid (de)
1998| The Town of Gynia Major’s Award in Theatre for: scenographical debut | Gynia (pl)

Author of performances, video art, happenings and installations in public spaces
Extensive collaboration with the Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia as scenographer, theatrical posters designer and costume designer
1991-1997| Studies in Arts | Academy of Fine Arts | Gdańsk (pl)
1971| Born | Gdańsk (pl)

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