Tom Groll + Kuno Seltmann

INTERFERENCE Project: Biocenosis
A mix of photographic footage from the Medina, the artists’ home area and natural phenomena are collaged in a projection environment.

INTERFERENCE Site: El Maktaa (rue De la Carrière, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: Dealing with light is dealing with energy, too.
I have been working with Bettina [Pelz] for such a long time that I think that I had no choice to say “no” when she asked me to join INTERFERENCE. Now, I am more than happy to be part of this project. Meeting with all the team in Tunis in May 2016, I felt this irresistible energy that surfaced when we tested the first projection works. To walk from site to site, to see the interaction of the historic sites, the contemporary technology and the artistic materials of the colleagues was full of fun surprises and inspiration. Meeting the Medina people who helped with tools and electricity made me aware of the human and social qualities which are present in the Tunisian culture. I am looking forward to share more time and experiences with all the accomplices of INTERFERENCE. [Text by Tom Groll]

Tom Groll + Kuno Seltmann

[Photos: Tom Groll. Claus Langer.]

In his artistic research, Tom Groll focuses on the experience of continuous transformation. His research revolves mainly around the opposites realms of what can be perceived by human senses and the imagination; his goal being to capture reality revealing unspotted issues.
Actually, he started experimenting his personal approach on light art when he was completing the project Illuminare Zonen (Illuminated Zones) in 2001. It was then that, while he was carrying out the scholarship “Märkisches Stipendium”, he started exploring how to integrate light to artistic creation. Since then, he has been working on light installations at both venues and in public space.
The collaboration between Tom Groll and Kuno Seltmann dates back to 2015. Together, they work on large-scale architectural projections.

2016| Kunstverein Montez with FLUX | Frankfurt (de)
2015| LICHTUNGEN | Hildesheim (de)
2014| GLOW | Eindhoven (nl)
2011| Eisteddfod Festival | Wrexham (uk)
2009| Narrcaje (with Bettina Pelz) | Gdansk (pl)

Since 2002| Regular curatorial activity | Mainly in Germany and EU
Since 1992| Regular exhibition activity | Mainly Germany and EU
1989-1995| Studies in Fine Arts and Visual Communication | Cologne and Duesseldorf (de)
1985-1989| Apprenticeship as a carpenter | Garmisch-Partenkirchen (de)
1964| Born

Kuno Seltmann | DEVELOPMENT
Up to present| Artistic research and experimentation on film, sound, print and Web
2014| Degree in Media Studies | University of Siegen | Siegen (de)
1989| Born

Tom Groll | Web