Moncef Ben Messaoud

INTERFERENCE Project: Into the Dark
In an completely dark room, visitors can listen to live music.

INTERFERENCE Site: Kishlet el-Attarin (20, Souk el-Attarin, Tunis)

Moncef Ben Messaoud

[Photos: Moncef Ben Messaoud.]


I appropriate the silence of the medina, in a place that is filled with history and culture, Kishlet Al Attarine , former national library, to dress an excerpt from one of my musical creations , 11 : 30  pm, music will run through silence and bomb the walls, an experience that I did not want to miss within the festival of light , to offer another sound to people who are accustomed to the noise of vendors, and the shouts of traders, a sound that is unexpected in such an hour.

After mastering the horn in only 3 years of practice, Moncef started playing several wind instruments such as the trombone, the tuba and the trumpet. His multidisciplinary approach to music made it possible for him to perform within different groups in Tunisia and abroad. Love for multicultural and cosmopolite music and an ambition to surpass limits and frontiers are the basis to his work.


Performed within Khnefes, Sext’et, Lebess, 7ess, Jazz’Oil

2013-2014 | Participated in the International Summer Academy with André Cazalé in Vienna
Played numerous times within the National Orchestra of Tunis
Guitar, horn and trumpet professor
Trumpettist in Tunis Jazz Club and many other groups
2010 | Interpreter degree in Western music and Western music Diploma in the superior institut of music in Tunis
Self-taught classical and flamenco guitarist
1982 | Born in Tunis