Diana Ramaekers

INTERFERENCE Project: Sundawn (Tunis 2016)
Based on projection, dynamic color field paintings are composed with a set of colors as they appear at sunset.

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar Ya (6, impasse de la Carrière)

ARTISTS’ STATEMENT: Dedicated to the interplay of light, space and perception.
[In my work] I try to show the spectator the exciting interaction between light and space. Every space, inside or outside, private or public has its own spirit and is a challenge for me. Its history, the traces of wear and tear and the social interaction create a framework I like to relate to. Every space is an offer to compose the interaction of light and space and the way the audience can move in it. I like when the awareness of the viewer raises for the omnipresent and versatile nature of light. I am fascinated by the power and the ambiguous nature of light. On the one hand, we experience light as a sheer physical phenomenon, on the other, we associate it with a variety of notions, navigating between emotion and metaphysics. Light intrigues me because of its remarkable opposite characteristics, there are very poetic aspects linked to light, but it can also be powerful, violent and destructive. Stretching from physics to metaphysics, working with light is very challenging.

[Photos: Mehdy Khemili]


Diana Ramaekers focuses on light as a responsive and seismographic material and the dynamic properties of light are her choreographic material. Analysing and recomposing the qualities of light and its flow in a volume, she refers to the specifics of the built site or to selected light-responsive materials. She pursues a conceptual approach that is rooted in the Light and Space Art Movement that emerged in the 1960s when an array of artists explored the intertwinement of physical light, technical innovation and sensory perception in their artistic practices. They made grounds for new artistic concepts encompassing time-based imaging, ephemeral color concepts and perception-related visuals.

2015| Center for International Light Art | Unna (de)
2013| GLOW | International Forum for Light in Art and Architecture | Eindhoven (nl)
2013| LICHTROUTEN | International Forum of Light in the Arts | Luedenscheid (de)
2007| Kunstlicht in de Kunst | Center for Artficial Light Art (closed since 2010) | Eindhoven (nl)
1999| European Media Art Festival (EMAF) | Osnabrück (de)

Since 1993 | Regoular exhibition activity, mainly in Germany and the Netherlands
2014| Academy of Innovative Training, Coaching Creative Thinking | Barcelona (es)
1993 – 1996| Master Studies in Visul-Arts | Academy of Vusual Arts | Dusseldorf (de)
1988 – 1993| Bachelor Degree in Visual-Arts | Academy of Visual Arts | Maastricht (nl)