ATTYÉF AL’MEDINA اطياف المدينة (»Illusions of the Medina«) is an interactive installation developed impromptu and on-site within three days at INTERFERENCE in Tunis/Tunisia.

We found our venue in the Dar Sharif دار شريف, a long abandoned construction site of a former noble residence in the historical city centre, the so-called Medina. The projection was installed in the courtyard on a wall above the visitors, a surface partly covered by ornamental tiles. Some of the embellishments had disintegrated while others had been removed, revealing different layers of textures on the wall.

In our installation the visitors‘ shadows were cast onto the raised surface, stimulating the appearance of these layers into motion as well as the ambient sound in different ways. Their bodies turned into a source of light, shadow, sound and movement, uncovering the former and present beauty — and thus motivating them to experiment with the atmosphere and response of the magical building.

[Text by Xenorama]

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar Cherif (5, rue Sidi Maaouia, Tunis)

ARTISTS’ STATEMENT: We are interested in exploring the artistic, cultural and social potential of the augmentation of public space through media, light and sound.
Over time we have gathered diverse cultural influences from all over the world, such as Brasil, India, South Africa, Turkey or Italy. We see the INTERFERENCE project as a unique chance to work in an Arabic context and get in contact with local artists and the history and culture of the city of Tunis and hope to foster such cultural exchanges also in the future.

ATTYÉF AL’MEDINA اطياف المدينة | Spontaneous Interactive Projection from Xenorama on Vimeo.

Xenorama is an interdisciplinary collective for audio-visual art that consists of Marcel Bückner, Tim Heinze, Richard Oeckel, Lorenz Potthast and Moritz Richartz and is located in Potsdam, Germany since 2014.
We are united by the fascination to use technology to create magic. By understanding ourselves as artists, researchers and inventors at the same time, we allow our work to blur the lines between those disciplines. We combine expertise in the fields of design, animation, programming, sound design and composition and specialize in immersive experiences, interactive installations and light projection shows. Our work tackles the countless questions surrounding the new principles of art, technology and culture emerging in the afterglow of the digital revolution. We investigate the phenomena that occur when the material world is superimposed with the digital, and inversely, when the digital overlaps with reality.

2016| PLATINE FESTIVAL | Cologne (de)
2016| LUMINALE | Frankfurt (de)
2015| SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE | Karlsruhe (de)
2015| MUTEK_IMG | Montreal (ca)
2015| QUARKS FESTIVAL | Goa (in)
2014| GENIUS LOCI FESTIVAL | Weimar (de)

Moritz Janis Richartz | DEVELOPEMENT
Artist and designer
Up to present| Art Director at Xenorama | Germany (de)
Creative Director at LichtZeitRaumKlang | Germany (de)

Marcel Bückner | DEVELOPMENT
Engineer and media artist
Up to present| Creative and technical director at Xenorama | Germany (de)
Studies in Media Engineering | Düsseldorf (de)
1987 | Born

Lorenz Potthast | DEVELOPMENT
Up to present| Master of Digital Media at the HfK | Bremen (de)
Art Director at Xenorama | Germany (de)
Multimedia Centre Coordinator at the BAT Centre in Durban | South Africa (za)
2011| Foundation of the Audio Visual Art collective “Xenorama”
Bachelor Degree in Integrated Design at the University of Arts | Bremen (de)
Same year| An exchange semester in the Interaction Design master course at the IUAV | Venice (it)
1990| Born

Tim Georg Heinze | DEVELOPMENT
Sound Designer
Up to present| Sound designer at Xenorama | Germany (de)
Since 2000| Professional activity as an interdisciplinary artist
1985| Born

Richard Leroy Oeckel | DEVELOPMENT
Up to present| Composer at Xenorama | Germany (de)
Physical Engineering | Technical Acoustics and Fluid System Dynamics, at the TU | Berlin (de)
At an early age| Courses at Hanns-Eisler-Institute of the UdK | Berlin (de)
Age of 6| He starts playing the piano