Kris Limbach

INTERFERENCE Project: The Lost Color
The Lost Color is after Music for Dysfunctional Airports Kris Limbach’s second film shot in Spain dealing with the economical and spiritual European crisis. It features the story of a dysfunctional tourist couple who tries to buy a huge property in the Spanish countryside and become a driving force towards a dystopian world. To achieve such a goal they will experience the dichotomous nature of human behaviour and the positive and negative aspects it implies.
It was realized in co-production with the Aktuelle Architektur der Kultur (AADK) and Centro Negra Spain.
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Lisa Müller-Trede, Jochen Arbeit, Lea Walloschke, James Farrell, Selu Herraiz, José Hortelano Villegas
Camera & Sound Design: Kris Limbach
Production assistant and 2nd camera: José Hortelano Villegas
Costume design and 2nd camera: Lea Walloschke
Production sound and titles: Julia Bränzel
Make up: Jesi Hook
Music by: Jochen Arbeit, Miguel A. Garcia, Hopek Quirin, Pierce Warnecke, Rieko Okuda, Juan Antonio Nieto (Pangea), Ketev

INTERFERENCE Site: Kishlet el-Attarin (20, Souk el-Attarin, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I felt The Lost Color would fit very well both into the ambient of Tunis as well as into the projects focus on light.
The moon like and dreamy landscape in which we where shooting the film in the South of Spain made us feel the proximity to the continent further south. The film was widely shot just with the illumination of available moonlight and sometimes with literally no light at all. During the filming I kept thinking about a quote by Thelonious Monk: It’s always night or we wouldn’t need light.

Kris Limbach

 [Photos: Zeineb Trabelsi]

Kris Limbach is a sound and visual artist residing in Berlin. Although his focus is on sound, he is also involved in film projects since 1998, when he started exploring formats and aesthetics of cinema. In his sound art work he uses film-editing techniques, prepared drums, tape manipulation,
no-input mixing and a vast amount of raw and processed field-recordings. His interest in field-recording brought him to experiment his personal approach to the field, he bases on sounds and projected images. These are presented so as to reveal themselves as everyday experiences and memories whose connection with the reality and the notion of time is altered by the artist.
In The Lost Color, a moon like landscape becomes both a neutral /displaced setting for the action and an experimentation field for desire, love, politics and surreal rites. It comes along as a narrative film, and over and over again abandons the story in favour of pure imagery association.
Like fixing a rainbow that misses one specific color, The Lost Color tries to revoke and resurrect the spectra that got dimmed out of the collective consciousness.

2016| The Lost Color (feature film) | Premiered at the International Film Festiavl (IBAFF) | Murcia (es)
2014| Music for Dysfunctional Airports (experimental feature film) | Premiered at the Media Art Festival of Friesland | Leeuwarden (nl)
2009-2014| begin _if_ (1)(2)(3) (sound series project) | Madrid (es) / Berlin (de)
2014| Antenas (super8 stop motion)
2004| Cuento Incompleto (short film)

2015| Instituto Cervantes | Berlin (de)
2015| Transmediale Vorspiel | Berlin (de)
2014| Practicas Contemporaneas | Murcia (es)
2014| Videoformes | Clermont Ferrand (fr)
2014| Plateforme | Paris (fr)
2013| Transmediale Vorspiel | Berlin (de)
2012| C´est La vie, Madrid | Madrid (es)

2016| Sound Design and Installation for theatre in collaboration with Koikate | Berlin (de)
2012-2015| Participation in artistic residencies in Spain (es), France and California (us)
2012-2013| Delivery of workshops on set-recording and super8 manipulation for experimental film and sound
2011| Graduated in Applied Physics | Free University of Berlin (FU) | Berlin (de)
Since 2008| Founder of the Emitter19 studio and co-curator of the Emitter Micro Label and Festival for experimental music (in collaboration with Pierce Warnecke and Seiji Morimoto) | Berlin (de)
Since 2007| Sound engineering, Design and Installation work for John Bock
1978| Born | (de)

Kris Limbach

Possible with the support of the Media Art Festival Friesland in Leeuwarden.

The Lost Color project was supported by
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