Andrea Thembie Hannig

INTERFERENCE Project: Polar/Light IV (Plastic)
Imagery from the plastic garbage floating in the worlds’ oceans is transformed by an optical system into a light sculpture.

INTERFERENCE Site: A shop in rue Sidi Ben Arous (rue Sidi Ben Arous, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: Great to be part of a community project.
It is for me a great honour to be part of INTERFERENCE. It seems to me to be a great cultural project which impresses me by all the enthusiasm, commitment and vital energy that is put in it from so many interesting people. I am very curious for all the light that they will bring to many aspects of life, on shared culture, on social and cultural change and for their usage of light. Also very impressive for me is the fact of INTERFERENCE being the first light art festival in Africa. I very much like the aspect of it being a community-rooted and resource-based project that welcomes me and the others to have an insight into the lifes and homes, some social, cultural and environmental issues of the hospitable participants of INTERFERENCE from Tunis.

Andrea Thembie Hannig

[Photos: Claus Langer. Andrea Thembie Hannig. Ricardo Nunes.]

Andrea Thembie Hannig is a photographer. Her artistic research revolves around the interplay between the projected images and optical phenomena. Her works result in highly-alluring effects of light refraction generated by lenses and video technology. In her installations, projected video-images are mirrored in a glass brick which allows multiple light effects to be projected on one or more selected surface/s. An engaged artist, she links her artistic research to present environmental issues. As an example of this stand the images of the series Polar/Lights: they are timeless natural and everyday life landscapes. Her most recent works focus on the negative impact plastic pollution has on oceans.

2015-2016| FLUX Light Art Series | Tunis (tn) / Hildesheim (de) / Frankfurt (de)
2013| Polar/Licht | Kunstmuseum | Celle (de)
2012| O Grove| Pontevedra(es)
2011| Polar/Licht | LuminaFiaba, Animations Light Project | Peccioli (it)

Since 2009| Regular exhibition activity, mainly in Europe
2009| Qualification in Arts | Academy of Fine Arts | Mainz (de)
1980| Born | Johannesburg (za)