Ursula Scherrer + Lilia Ben Romdhane

INTERFERENCE Project: Discursive Ornaments – A Public Art Action
For the four days of the light art project, a series of improvisations combining video footage, sound and recited text takes place. Interweaving projections and recitations in their nighttime performances, the artists create a framework for the development of experimental chalk murals. The audience is invited to join. In the daylight, the traces of artistic dialogue appear as an ephemeral mural, in the nighttime, it is the stage for the continuation of the artistic processing.

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar el-Jaziri (29 bis, rue du Tribunal, Tunis)

[Photo: Amor Ben Rhouma. Baya Ben Ammar. Sabina Von Kessel. Syrine Siala.Zeineb Ellouz.   ]

Ursula Scherrer is a Swiss artist established in the US. Her aesthetic training began with dance, transitioned to choreography and expanded to photography, video, text and mixed media. She is attracted by the ephemeral nature of past experiences as well as by the ways present times can be interpreted through the artistic media. At her first experience in Tunisia, she chose to collaborate with Tunisian poet Lilia Ben Romdhan.
To develop their Discursive Ornaments both artists generated their materials during shared walks getting to know each other as much as getting to know the Medina. For the performance, they work in the narrow allies around Dar el-Jaziri (the House of Poetry). They stage their artistic exchange, each in their own forms of expression. Visuals are projected and reflected by the surrounding walls and text is recited and echoed by the built environment. During their performing dialog, they draw and write with chalk on the walls. The drawings follow the shapes and forms generated by the projected visuals and fragments of the spoken text are translated into writing. By drawing and writing, both artists will react on each other as well as on time- and site-specific properties.

2014| I know myself, and I don’t (solo exhibition) | Organhaus | Chongqing (cn)
2014| 100 Works on Paper (group exhibition) | Kentler International Drawing Center | Red Hook (us)
2013| Narcomantic (in collaboration with John Duncan) | Friedenskirche | Cologne (de) and mindPirates | Berlin (de)
2013| filigran (video and sound performance with Rike Kohlhepp and voice Wilhelmspalais) | Stuttgart (de)
2012| Lines (video for LED wall) | Seoul Square | Seoul (kr)
2011| Spinnerei (in collaboration with Flo Kaufmann) | artMuse | Bocholt (de)

Ursula Scherrer | SELECTED AWARDS
1994| Honorable Mention | International Photography Contest | Austin TX (us)

Ursula Scherrer | DEVELOPMENT
Since 1999| Participation in international festivals of visual art, multimedia and light art, mainly in Switzerland, Germany and the United States
Since 1997| Photo, video, multimedia production, mainly in Europe and the United States
Since 1997| Exhibition activities | Worldwide
2006-2007| Curatorial activities | New York (usa)
2001-2004| Dance collaborations for video and live performances | New York (us) / Baden (ch) / Tallin (ee)
1989-1992| Creation of choreographic works | New York (usa)
1988-1996| further studies in Modern Dance (Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and Jennifer Muller) | New York (usa)
1988-1991| Dance Composition with Nurit Cohen | New York (usa)
1983-1988| Dance education in Ballet, Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance and Fencing | Theatertanzschule St. Gallen (ch)
Born | Schaffhausen (ch)