Gianluca Fratantonio

INTERFERENCE Project: Lumina
Following a dedicated work of objects’ collection in the Medina, the artist invites all objects’ donors, and the visitors, to think over the concepts of sharing, care, and community.

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar Cherif (5, rue Sidi Maaouia, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: Interference offers, in my opinion, a great opportunity to everyone to participate and play.
When I was working in Tunis, I had the chance to live in the Medina for a few months. Then, the city and its surrounding areas appeared to me as a web of events, streets and people in continuous interaction. I think it has the potential of generating a new, healthy and efficient cooperation system that could trigger a bottom-to-the-top socio-economical change.
Actually, I believe that human connections are based on people’s ability to trust others. Therefore, my mission is to try to suggest this idea while providing people with a chance to communicate in a different way. In fact, I am persuaded that change is possible whenever initiatives come from (and to) the people, who interact and allow a process of social participation to start. In the Lumina project, I ask a number of people of the Medina to be trustworthy and share. In return, they will enjoy the result of a collective effort.

Gianluca Fratantonio

[Photos: Courtesy of the artist.]

The purpose of my work is to liberate creativity; to break out limitations, patterns, schemes and preconceptions. My aim is to recuperate the clear essence of creativity, the enthusiasm of imagining and the ability to communicate. What I don’t manufacture is an artistic product; actually, I’m interested in delivering playful and participative performing actions that are specifically conceived to stimulate constructive audience reactions. In fact, I am well-aware of the psycho-environmental effects this kind of activities can trigger.
We are made of both what remains of our past and how we can imagine our future. My life is a consequence of predictable and unpredictable events that shaped my identity neither precisely nor clearly, and my work results from this. [Text by Gianluca Fratantonio]

2016| No Place | Castello di Fombio | Fombio (it)
2014| Choreographed Construction Of Pompenburg Park (realised in collaboration with Z.U.S.) | Kunsthalle Rotterdam (nl)
2013| Opening event of Luchtsingel (in collaboration with Z.U.S.) | International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (nl)
2011| DIRT III | Accademia di Brera | Milan (it)
2010| DIRT II- Ferro di Cavallo | Spazio Rontgen | Milan (it)
2009| DIRT- La Conchiglia | Spazio Rontgen | Milan (it)
2007| Miracoloso. Een wonderlijke reis door Italie (realised with Raoul de Jong) | Book published by Prometheus Amsterdam (nl)

2006| Stolen time | DAM/Stulthrager gallery | New York (usa)
2006| Crossingpoint | 6X9: 6artistixCondotto9 (collective exhibition) | Galleria Annovi | Sassuolo (it)
2005| ROOFTOP | No Fly Zone (collective exhibition) | Officina Delle Arti | Reggio Emilia (it)
2005| In Corso d’Opera. L’arte come territorio di incontro (collective exhibition) | Fabbrica del Vapore | Milan (it)
2004| Stock Option | Jungle Art Galerie | Paris (fr)
2003| No Valid Action | Jungle Art Galerie | Paris (fr)

The artist is currently based in France
2002-2016| Artistic production and exhibition activities, mainly in Italy and the Netherlands
2009 – 2016| Creation and direction of the participatory art event DIRT | Milan (it)
2011-2013| Creation of projects linked to the Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam, in collaboration with
writer Raoul de Jong, choreographer Elisabetta Consonni and the urban architects of ZUS | Rotterdam (nl)
2008-2011| Collaboration with the Dutch public TV network VPRO | (nl)
1999-2001| Artistic activity in New York
1998| Qualification in Arts | Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro | Florence (it)