Hartung + Trenz

The number “0” is of outstanding relevance in mathematics. Hartung + Trenz refer to its historical impact and philosophical value. They chose it as their graphic material for a new, site-specific intervention in Tunis.

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar Lasram (24, rue du Tribunal, Tunis)

ARTISTS’ STATEMENT: I have to come back.
In September 2015, I was part of the first FLUX project in the Goethe Institute. We had really good time preparing the exhibition and continued to work together in the last months. I am very happy that we have now an opportunity to explore the Medina of Tunis. I want to support the Tunisian artists’ colleagues to build this new project and I hope that in the future we will have lot’s of these kinds of experimental productions in public space. [Text by Detlef Hartung]

Zero, 2016, INTERFERENCE, International Light Art Project, Medina of Tunis, Tunisia from Hartung & Trenz on Vimeo.

For more than twenty years Detlef Hartung und Georg Trenz have been contributing to the artistic field of typography. In their spatial projections, they explore the relationship among text, image, public space, light and sensory perception. Their textual video projections have animated buildings such as churches, theatres and galleries whose interior and/or facade seemed in constant transformation thanks to the interaction between the projected words and the architectural structures.

2016| LUMINALE | Frankfurt (de)
2015| BLINC | Adelaide (au)
2014| Public Space | Manchester (uk)
2013| JERUSALEM LIGHT FESTIVAL | Jerusalem (is)
2012| LICHTSTROEME | Koblenz (de)

Since 1994| Responsive Typographic Interventions | World Wide

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1985-1991| Studies in Fine Arts | Academy of Fine Arts | Munich (de) |
1979-1984| Studies in Mechanical Engineering | Technical University | Munich (de)

1988-1994| Studies in Fine Arts | Academy of Fine Arts | Munich (de)
1982-1986| Studies in Graphic Design | Academy of Applied Arts | Munich (de)

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