INTERFERENCE Projects: l’écriture de l’espace; Mond über Tunis
Two trans-media, real-time installations based on the interaction between projected digital shapes, the architectural space and the observer.

INTERFERENCE Sites: Kishlet el-Morjeni (55, rue Zitouna, Tunis); Dar Ben Achour (52, rue du Pacha, Tunis)


[Photos: joeressen+kessner.]

Since 2001, Eva-Maria Joeressen and Klaus Kessner have been working together on a regular basis, creating audio-visual compositions as spatial interventions. Developing their concepts, they respond to a selected spatial situation and explore its topographical, architectural and iconical aspects as well as the experiences, memories and realities associated to it. With the help of digital archives, they develop their findings in a kind of “semantic map” which becomes the referential framework for their compositions. Their generative data systems control visual and sound projections applied in real time to a chosen space.

l’écriture de l’espace from joeressen+kessner on Vimeo.

2015| LICHTUNGEN | Hildesheim (de)
2014| Mittelrhein Museum | Koblenz (de)
2010| RUHR.2010 – Opening of European Culture Capital at Zeche Zollverein | Essen (de)
2008| GLOW | Eindhoven (nl)
2001| Museum for Applied Art (MAKK) | Cologne (de)

Eva-Maria Joeressen | DEVELOPMENT
Since 1998| Professor of Theory of Perception and Composition | Peter Beherens School of Arts | Dusseldorf (de)
Since 1985| Regular exhibition activity with installations and interventions in Germany
1985| Masters’ student of Timm Ullrichs | Art Academy | Muenster (de)
1956| Born

Klaus Kessener | DEVELOPMENT
Since 1992| Regular performing activities with electronic audio-visual compositions in Germany
Studies in Music, Musicology and German language
1957 | Born