Margareta Hesse

INTERFERENCE Project: Bordering Light
Red lines of laser light define a space in which a pair of traditional women shoes are placed. The cryptic nature of this installation invites the viewer to investigate possible solutions to a mysterious story.

INTERFERENCE Site: Bir Lahjar (place Bir Lahjar, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I chose to participate in this project because I am curious.
I have never been to Tunisia. Morocco is the only Arab country I visited. I have been exhibiting in countries, for example in Bulgaria, that are coined by a different culture, but there, I barely interacted with local communities.
In this project, this will be completely different: I am bringing my lasers indeed, but there are some materials and tools that I cannot take with me. Therefore, I would need local assistance and I am actually looking forward to experiencing that. I am sure I will learn a lot.
Another reason for participating is that I very quickly had an idea for a laser installation.
This special idea resulted from the INTERFERENCE programme which includes political discussions, too. I like the focus on the exchange between local and international artists as well as between us, the participating artists, and the interested visitors. Besides, I am very curious to see the historic architecture of the city. In fact, beautiful architecture inspires me. I am happy that I will be able to build my installation in a space which fascinated me as soon as I saw its images.

Margareta Hesse

[Photos: Marco Wittkowski. Claudia Brunhuber. Margareta Hesse.]

“Colour and light are the creative media that exercise the greatest pull on Berlin artist Margareta Hesse as a creative medium for her work. (…) from colour to light, from the material to the immaterial, from the rational to the emotional. Whilst Hesse’s works can collectively be seen within a distinctive context located between austere constructivism and the expressive-emotive, between geometry and gesture, between the conceptual and the experimental, between concrete materiality and a virtual, immaterial appearance, it nevertheless remains difficult to categorise her. (…)
The effect of her laser installations thence lies in the generating of sensualist environments and atmospheric spaces for intense encounter in which perceptions, findings and experiences become amplified. (…)
The bright red laser beams of this body of work draw glowing paths as it were, through its recurrent dark, hazy, unfamiliar spaces, and visitors to these regularly take up the guys of light as if the artist had handed them Ariadne’s thread through labyrinths abounding in discoveries to be made and profound experiences to be had.”
[Excerpt from From Colour to Light, from the Material to the Immaterial, from the Rational to the Emotional by Pamela C. Scorzin]

2014| Artmuseum | Celle (de)
2013| Artmuseum | Ahlen (de)
2011| Art Association | Linz/Rhine (de)
2010| Museum Matilden Höhe | Darmstadt (de)
2009| Zitadelle | Berin (de)

2015| Art Award of Fine Arts Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf 2015 | Berlin (de)
2004| Culture Award by the City of Hamm | Hamm (de)
1995| Artist Encouragement Award by Damrstädter Session | Darmstadt (de)
1991| Hoesch – Artist Grant “Werkkunst” | Dortmund (de)

Since 1995| Professor of Principles of Design and Illustration | University of Applied Arts | Dortmund (de)
Since 1990| Regular exhibition activity, mainly in Germany
1975-1982| Studies in Fine Arts and Romance Studies
1956| Born | Duderstadt (de)