INTERFERENCE Project: Khayál
The artists’collective RaumZeitPiraten revive the spirit of khayál in a walk through the Medina. Equipped with a self-developed projection instrument, the artists move through the city and create constantly new and changing worlds of images while temporarily remodelling spaces. Participants are invited to discover the streets, facades, courtyards and hidden corners of the Medina. In so doing, they become part of a collective projection performance on the fly. [Text by RaumZeitPiraten]

INTERFERENCE Site: Place Bir Lahjar, starting point (place Bir Lahjar, Tunis)

ARTISTS’ STATEMENT: Festivals of light around the world are known to revive public space and provide a great framework for public encounter and activity. INTERFERENCE will bring the experience to Tunis and reflect on its properties to foster the art of change. INTERFERENCE will be a community-funded project to develop the first light art festival on the African continent.


[Photos: RaumZeitPiraten]

With their site-specific, performative installations RaumZeitPiraten create ephemeral models of unperfect mensch-maschine counter worlds questioning calculated realities, scientific accurateness and anorganic, machine’s dominated behaviour.
With custom-built opto-acoustic instruments they misuse and remix ancient and up-to-date sound and visual technologies for heterogeneous, organically improvised light and sound architectures. Their activities are aimed at playful, experimental connections of sound, image, object, space and time to an alternately-self-expanding-multimedia-performance-surround-spaceship-laboratory-travel to somewhere between science and fiction. [Source]

2015| ShadowPlayAutomates | Museum der Kulturen Basel (che)
2015| InstruMental Gespinst | Neuer Kunstverein | Wuppertal (de)
2013| Octopus Garden | Volgograd (ru)

2011|Kunstpreis| Baustelle Schaustelle| Essen (de)