INTERFERENCE Project: Projection Mapping Lab

INTERFERENCE Site: el-Rachidia (7, rue Driba, Tunis)

[Video: Designlab]

Design Lab is a Tunisian multidisciplinary visual design studio created by artists from various fields of expertise. Their motion-design works integrate the elements of time, space and sound thus creating interactive visual solutions whose focal point is the viewer’s experience.
“From virtual to real: between these two words, is drawn an endless chain. For us, every detail of a project ultimately expresses a dream board. Each creation is unique, each request is a new challenge for us and a dream to materialize”. [Text by Yosr Ben Youssef]

2016| Mapping Sculpture in Carthage | National Museum of Carthage | Carthage (tn)
2015| Memorium installation | Talan Expo | Tunis (tn)
2014| Scenography, Video mapping and Live Video Mixing | EPHEMERE Music Festival| Hammamet (tn)
2013| Lelletna 3000 Years of History: Video Mapping on the Front of the Municipal Theater | Tunis (tn)
2010| Video Mapping (in collaboration with Free Zone) | Heritage Days, Bastia Museum Bastia (fr)

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2016| 200° Video Mapping, Shell Vpower | Tunis (tn)
2016| Video Mapping | UTICA Art’Com Salon | Tunis (tn)
2015| Mapping | Darhi Sand Sounds | Nafta (tn)
2015| Scenography and mapping video (with Stephan Bodzin) | BeAts Festival, Eco Village | Sousse (tn)
2015| Scenography and set VJing | Tomorrow Island festival| Djerba (tn)
2012| Video mapping (with the collective Free Zone) | Teknicolor festival| Bastia (fr)
2010| Video mapping (with DJ Alexander Rubio aka Suleyman) | Hotel Albert, Here and Tomorrow Festival | Paris (fr)