Zina : Adrienne & Camille

INTERFERENCE Project: Dar Dhaw, Luminaires On Display
Tunisian designers Adrienne & Camille Bouyssonie exhibit a choice of their luminaire designs.

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar Cherif (5 Rue Sidi Mouaouia)

DESIGN LABEL: ZINA by Adrienne & Camille Bouyssonie
Since 2004| Based in the neighborhood of La Marsa | Tunis(tn)


[Photos: ZINA]

Zina’s production encompasses furniture, textile, tableware, decorative objects and luminaires. In their view, craftsmanship and design are two concepts strictly linked to each other. Therefore, their creations combine traditional patterns, materials and crafts with the taste, the needs and the techniques of contemporary lifestyle. In line with this approach, they use simple, natural materials such as wood, ceramics, blown glass and linen… all materials employed in Tunisian traditional handicraft.

Every year | Maison & Objet | Paris(fr)

Adrienne & Camille Bouyssonie | DEVELOPMENT
Adrianne and Camille Bouyssonie launched their Tunisian design label, Zina, in 2004. Following its success in Tunsia, a further headquarters was established in Vichy (fr). Every year Zina’s products are staged at the “Salon Maison et Objet” (Home and Objects Fair) of Paris and are exported worldwide.

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