Né a Tunis: Chems Eddine Mechri

INTERFERENCE Project : Dar Dhaw, Luminaires On Display
Tunisian designer Chems Eddine Mechri exposes a choice of his luminaire designs.

INTERFERENCE Site : Dar Cherif  (5, rue Sidi Mouaouia, Tunis)

DESIGN LABEL: NÉ A TUNIS by Chems Eddine Mechri
2005| Opening | NÉ A TUNIS is based in the neighborhood of Denden | Tunis (tn)

Né à Tunis

[Photos: Zeineb Ellouz, Zied Mnif, Amor Ben rhouma]

After years of close collaboration with artisans and craftsmen, Chemseddine founded his design label Né à Tunis: a new rediscovery of heritage used as a means to create -or co-create with artisans- contemporary pieces that are part of an ecoconception approach and an exclusively bilateral designer/artisan relation. His signature experimental method of design started with Ludic design and matured to a more diverse way of work, where expertise, resource and human contact intertwine.

2016| Participating Designer in the  WantedDesign Exhibition | New York City / NY (us)
2016| Design Exhibtion | Elbirou Art Gallery | Sousse (tn)
2015| Design Exhibition | B’chira Art Center | Tunis(tn)
2014-2015-2016| International Design Exhibitions (Ambiente, Tendence, Maison et Objet..)
2008| Dit’ Zein | Bir Lahjar | Tunis (tn)
2005| I Dreamt, Light… | Yahya Gallery of Arts | Tunis (tn)

2012| Second National Prize in Product Design | Collective Tunisian Product Design Exhibition | Town Hall of the city of Tunis (tn)

Chems Eddine Mechri | DEVELOPMENT
Doctoral Studies in Design | ESSTED | Manouba (tn)
2007-2010|  Master’s Degree in  Mediterranean History and Civilisation, specialization in Heritage and Museography | University of Litterature, Arts and Humanities| Manouba (tn)
2004| Foundation of the Franchise “Né à Tunis”
1998-2003| National Qualification in Arts and Crafts | Higher Institute of Fine Arts | Tunis (tn)

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