Annika Hippler

INTERFERENCE Project: Painting of Light
A poetry of colours is staged in abstract compositions obtained by laser lights’ arrangements.

INTERFERENCE Site: Palais Kheireddine, Museum of the City of Tunis (rue du Tribunal, Tunis)

[Photos: Ingo Gerken, Kuno Seltmann, Mehdi Khemili.]

In her light installations, Annika Hippler displays light as an ephemeral material as well as a tool for drawing, painting, sculpturing and creating site-specific artworks. Meticulously combining lasers with water and other mediums, subtle coupling and resonances are developed through reverberations, unveiling matter in its purest form, giving shapes and colours a natural poetry. In her luminograms, Annika Hippler records the impact of light on canvas.

2016| Rudolf-Scharpf-Galerie, Wilhelm-Hack Museum | Ludwigshafen (de)
2014| Insanitus Festival | Vilnius (lt)
2013| Zverev Center of Contemporary Art | Moscow (ru)
2011| Center for Arts and Media Technologies (ZKM) | Karlsruhe (de)
2010| Hannover Art Association | Hannover (de)
2006| Himalaya Arts Museum | Shanghai (cn)
2004| Musée d’art contemporain | Geneva (ch)

Since 2003| Regular exhibition activities, mainly in Europe
2000 – 2007| Studies in Fine Arts | University of Fine Arts | Braunschweig (de)
1998 – 2000| Studies in Fine Arts | University of Fine Arts | Berlin (de)
1978 |Born | Berlin (de)