Sonia Kallel

INTERFERENCE Project: Tisser la Médina (2)
Based on her research on arts and crafts in the Medina, a digital animation of silk weaving is enlarged so much so that it overwrites the appearance of an architecture ensemble.

INTERFERENCE Project: Impasse (Impasse Echemmahia, Tunis)

 [Photo: Brahim Guedich, Mehdi Khemili]

Sonia Kallel draws attention to the Tunisian heritage and threatened arts and crafts. The Medina of Tunis has been a subject of her artistic research for a long time. Her artistic concepts are rooted in personal and scientific studies.

2015| DREAMCITY | Tunis (tn)
2015| La Friche la Belle de mai | Marseille (fr)
2013| B’chira Art Center | Sidi Thabet (tn)

Since 2001| Regular exhibition activities, mainly in Tunisia
1998-2003 | PhD | Studies of Fine Arts | Université Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne | Paris (fr)
1997-1998 | MA | Studies of Fine Arts | Université Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne | Paris (fr)
1993-1997 | MA | Studies of Graphic Design | Ecole des Beaux Arts de Tunis | Tunis (tn)
1991-1993 | Studies of Fashion Design | Ecole supérieure des Industries de la Mode | Toulouse (fr)
1973 | Born