Kurt Laurenz Theinert

INTERFERENCE Project: The Skin We Call Reality
The visual piano is a unique instrument which makes it possible to create moving images in a space. It was conceived and developed by the artist Kurt Laurenz Theinert in collaboration with the software designers Roland Blach and Philipp Rahlenbeck. In Tunis, Kurt Laurenz Theinert improvises on the visual piano with Tunisian musicians Jihed Khemiri and Saif Eddine Srairi. [Text: Aymen Klidi]

INTERFERENCE Site: Place Ramadhan Bey (place Ramadhan Bey, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: It is fun to be a pioneer.
Like other projects of yours, INTERFERENCE is a unique opportunity to develop something new in an intercultural community. Most of us don’t know each other and still, we are convinced that we will inspire, provoke and support each other. We will bring our ideas, our experiences and enthusiasm. And we hope to come up with a new, exciting festival format. There is no other festival that starts with a collective workshop for all the artists and all the team – including the organizers, the assistants, the technicians, the art mediators etc. I am sure that this will change the way we work together and that we will create an atmosphere for new, sparkling, innovative works. Besides all that – the sites of the Medina that have been offered to us, are just amazing and inspiring. To work site-specific will be an honor. [Interview: Bettina Pelz]

The skin we call reality – Interferences Tunis from kurt laurenz theinert on Vimeo.


ARTISTIC APPROACH: Abstract light, color and form improvisations
IN his work, Kurt Laurenz Theinert concentrates on abstract visual experiences that do not refer to anything. On the contrary, he is striving for a reductive aesthetic. His artistic research is rooted in his creativity and intuition as much as in his artistic knowledge and experience. He is open to meaning, message or metaphorical associations that can be added by every viewer’s personal perception and background. [Text: Aymen Klidi and Bettina Pelz.]

2011| Bring to Light | Improvisationen Licht | Klangperformance (with Ursula Scherrer, Tony Buck, Dennis Delzotto, Kato Hideki, Shelley Hirsch, Hahn Rowe, David Watson) | New York City / NY (us)
2011| Live Cinema | Improvisationen Licht | Klangperformance | Sao Paolo (br)
2010| Zeitfenster | Fotosommer| Award Show | Stuttgart (de)
2009| Smartlight Licht | Klangperformance (with Axel Hanfreich) | Sydney (au)
2008| Glow | Hammerhaus | Audiovisuelle live performance (with Axel Hanfreich) | Eindhoven (nl)

2008-2011| Experimental Design | FolkwangHochschule | Essen (de)
2009| LightLab | Design Academy | Eindhoven (nl)
2006| Production of content | HdK Burg Giebichenstein | Halle (de)
2001| Professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts | Stuttgart (de)
1985-1992| Studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts | Stuttgart (de)
1963| Born

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