Rim Bchir

INTERFERENCE Project: Anywhere Out of the World 2.0
A subtle installation will overcome the walls set by the physical world and invite the viewer to take part in an immersive experience. Such a work aims to raise the public’s awareness about the ways we perceive, and experience, the public space so as to stimulate unexplored reflections. [Text by Rim Bchir]

INTERFERENCE Site: Dar Lasram (24, rue du Tribunal, Tunis)

Rim Bchir

[Photos: Syrine Siala, Diego Delso.]

In her series Anywhere Out of the World 1.0-2.0, Rim Bchir bases her artistic experimentation on the still little-explored led technology. Inspired by the varieties of galaxies swimming in the universe, through her artworks, the young artist questions the concept of the relativity of both distance and space perception.

2014| Anywhere out of the World 1.0 | Light Installation (tn)
2014| Conception d’une piscine municipale à Tunis | Workshop in Architectonic Strucutre (tn)

2011-2016| Studies in Architecture and Urbanism | Ecole Nationale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme de Tunis | Tunis(tn)
2014| Internship | ATELIER FACILA Architecture et Paysage | Sousse(tn)
2013| Internship | Bureau d’Architecture et Décoration Harzallah | (tn)

Anywhere out of the world from Bchir Rim on Vimeo.

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