Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri

INTERFERENCE Project: Vide-mémoire
This performance of light-lines’ weaving will be developed during the four days of the festival. It will offer the spectator the chance to experience a journey through time. In fact, by looking through three peepholes, he will see a library reborn from its ashes.
[Extracts from a text by Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri.]

INTERFERENCE Site: Kishlet el-Morjeni (55, rue Zitouna, Tunis)

ARTISTS’ STATEMENT: As time passes, memories get lost and are mixed up one with another, so much so that, in the end, only a few rests remain. Our project Vide-mémoire targets what remains of the ancient library of Kishlet Sidi el-Morjani, which was built by Hamouda Pacha in 1809. In order to revive the memory of such an important place, the interior of the library will be recreated through some light lines. These would be visible to the spectator only through a peephole.

Wadii Mhiri + Houda Ghorbel

[Photos: Amira Ben Achour, Amor Ben Rhouma, Zeineb Ellouz, Mehdi Khemili]

Wadi and Houda Mhiri investigate meanings and implications of cultural and religious symbols as if they were tirelessly questioning the concept of Tunisian identity. Their projects stand at the crossroads of several genres among which installations, videos, performances and architecture and design works can all be found.

2016| Ward & Cartouches | Alain Nadaud Art and Culture Gallery | Tunis (tn)
2016| Pollen (collective installation) | Dar Al Kamila | La Marsa (tn)
2016| Traces, Fragments of a Contemporary Tunisia (collective exhibition) | MuCEM | Marseille (fr)
2016| BARCHA (collective exhibition) | Musk and Amber Gallery | Tunis (tn)
2016| Comme un flamant rose | Marrakech Biennale | Marrakech (ma)
2014| In Search of a Missing Link | SOS Borj in Distress | Sfax (tn)
2014| Dip in Light What Was in Darkness | Espace Sadika for Arts | Gammarth (tn)

Houda Ghorbel | DEVELOPMENT
2014| Awarded at the Centre Soleil d’Afrique | 11th Dak’Art Biennale | Dakar (sen)
2003| First prize at the Ceramics Art Exhibition | Plastic Arts Gallery | Sfax (tn)
Phd in Sciences and Artistic Techniques | Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts | Tunis (tn)
1968| Born | Sfax (tn)

2004| Specialisation in Photography and Visual Art
Director of Pinceau Mirette Children Art Club
Studies at ESMOD | Paris
1965| Born | Tunis (tn)

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