In August 2016, Tunisian and international artists will live and work together in the Medina and explore ways of exchange, coworking and cooperation while preparing a mutual exhibition that links to fabric and the community they take place. The sites will be centered in and around the World Heritage Site of the Medina of Tunis. All activities will be embedded in a program that reflects the ongoing political and sociocultural changes and the artists’ role in the development of a democratic culture. From September 1 to 4, 2016 all the works will be on public display.

Festivals of light around the world are known to revive public space and to provide a great framework for public encounter and activity. INTERFERENCE will bring the experience to Tunis and reflect on its properties to foster the art of change. INTERFERENCE will be a community-funded project to develop the first light art festival on the African continent. Artists, designers and architects dedicated to the reflected use of light who would like to take part can contact the INTERFERENCE team and make a suggestion with what they could provide. Journalists and writers, photographers and filmmakers who would like to take part can contact the INTERFERENCE team and make a suggestion what could be their contribution. Producers, coordinators and technicians can contact the INTERFERENCE team and announce their options to help.

A curatorial team will select the most interesting ideas, projects and personalities to develop a meeting program. it will include light art interventions squatted throughout the Medina as well as forums, workshops and lectures. If you have an idea what you can add to this program please contact the INTERFERENCE team and let us know.