With their site-specific, performative installations RaumZeitPiraten create ephemeral models of
unperfect mensch-maschine counter worlds questioning calculated realities,
scientific accurateness and anorganic, machine dominated behaviour.
Their activities are aimed at playful, experimental connections of sound, image, object, space and time to an alternately-self-expanding-multimedia-performance surround-spaceship-laboratory-travel to somewhere between science and fiction. Source


2015 | Basel (CHE) | ShadowPlayAutomates – Museum der Kulturen
2015 | Wuppertal (De) | InstruMentalGespinst – Neuer Kunstverein
2013 | Volgograd (Ru) | Octopus Garden

May 2012

Ursula Scherrer

A video of the one night only extended installation on Feb 19th 2015 by artist Ursula Scherrer featuring a near-holographic, animated, multiple projection video environment and a live soundtrack performed by percussionist Brian Chase (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs) and bassist Kato Hideki (of the Tokyo and New York noise scenes). The event was a steady-state, durational, evolution of time, space, light, and sound.