Robert Sochacki

INTERFERENCE Project: Loophole
Loophole is a small door to see the World on the other side. A magical, unique, colorful World […] where everything is beautifully turning in a slow rhythm of an old music box tune. It gives you a chance to breathe away from your every-day reality.
[Text by Robert Sochacki]

INTERFERENCE Site: Wall Opposite to Club Tahar Haddad (rue du Tribunal, Tunis)

Robert Sochacki. Loophole. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Amira ben achour (1)
Robert Sochacki. Loophole. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Amor Ben Rhouma (1)
Robert Sochatcki Loophole. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Sabina Von Kassel (18)
Robert Sochacki. Loophole. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Brahim Gueddich(4) corrected
[Photos: Amira Ben Achour, Amor Ben Rhouma, Sabina von Kassel, Brahim Gueddich]

Robert Sochacki’s artistic practice spans from video to graphic-, costume – and stage-design to time-and site-specific installations in public space. Through his performances and Vjing, he focuses on real time synesthetic experiences of vision and sound. Adapted from Article

2014| Endless Summer – a list of the Geisha | MiTo | Warsaw (pl)
2013| Orchestra in (projection installation ) | Lichtrouten festival | Luedenscheid (de)
2013| One night (video installation) | Noche en Blanco Festival | Lima (per)
2012| Night in the Old Cinema (interventions in public space) | Salon Batycki | Gdynia (pl)
2011| Crystal Palace (projection on the palace’s facade) | Farbfest, Bauhaus | Dessau (de)
2010| NARRACJE (installations and interventions in public space) | Gdansk City Gallery | Gdansk (pl)
2006| followINto (Video Installation) | Sfinks 15th Anniversary Exhibition | Sfinks Foundation | Sopot (pl)

2013| The Audience Award, third place | Festival Lichtrouten Luedenscheid | Luedenscheid (de)
1998| The Town of Gynia Major’s Award in Theatre for: scenographical debut | Gynia (pl)

Author of performances, video art, happenings and installations in public spaces
Extensive collaboration with the Gombrowicz Theatre in Gdynia as scenographer, theatrical posters designer and costume designer
1991-1997| Studies in Arts | Academy of Fine Arts | Gdańsk (pl)
1971| Born | Gdańsk (pl)

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