ART MATTERS // Workshop

May 16 to 19, 2017 // daily 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm
June 9 to 10, 2017 // daily 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz prepare a series of exercises to explore the ideas and the realm of public space with art interventions. Focus of the first part are materials, media and tools.


Photo: Ibrahim Gueddich, Wikipedia.
Photo: Ibrahim Gueddich.

One part of the workshop will be directed by Tunisian artist Hatem Ben Cheikh. For a long time, he has been working with translucent materials. The collective work will link interplay of color and light and traditional seamless patterns. They draw their inspiration traditional glass crafting and contemporary works by artists like Ingo Wendt (INTERFERENCE 2016) or Olafur Eliasson. He will develop a large-scale site-specific, day-light intervention with the participants.

One part of the workshop will be directed by Ibrahim Gueddich. During INTERFERENCE, he experimented with the INTERFERENCE collective and with the audience with light painting technics. He is inspired by the works of Vicki Da Silva (INTERFERENCE 2016) and Karim Jabbari. With him the participants will explore the interplay of site, person, light and longtime exposure photography.

For the last part of the series, the participants will bring their own ideas, concepts and projects to discuss them with the workshop`s collective as well as with Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz, Houda Ghorbel, Niklas Grun and Wadi Mhiri and Hatem Ben Cheikh.