Dar lasrem

Dar Lasram is a former aristocratic palace built at the end of the 18th century by Hamouda Lasram who was a wealthy land owner and military man. Its architecture is a typical example of the aristocratic mansions that occupied the area around Pacha Street. It is made of several levels that are divided into the former common rooms, the Lasram family rooms, and guest rooms. The former stables and stores are now used by the cultural center of the Tahar Haddad Club (at number 20, Tribunal Street). Dar Lasram was renovated in 1972 by the Association de Sauvegarde de la Médina (Tunis Medina’s Protection Association) whose offices have been standing there since 1969. In addition to documentation about the Medina on display, the visitor can admire the heart of the ancient palace: its central patio with marble paving, the reception hall, the painted ceilings, the stucco decorations, and walls covered with polychrome faience tiles, all mixed with Andalusian, Ottoman and Italian patterns. Free entrance. -N.L.
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Dar Lasrem