Art Matters

Working on Art in Public Space

The INTERFERENCE Collective offers a series of activities to see, to discuss and to experiment with art in public space.

[1] ARTISTS`INTERVENTION // Context-specific light and art intervention
The German-Tunisian artists` collective Houda Ghorbel, Niklas Grun and Wadi Mhiri develop a context-specific intervention for the synagogue in La Goulette.

[2] CURATORS` TALK // Context-specific light and art interventions around the world
The German-Tunisian curators` collective Aymen Gharbi and Bettina Pelz present a selection of artists that work with light interventions in public space.

[3] ARTISTS` TALK //  Meeting the artists in the synagogue of La Goulette
The authors of the context-specific interventions will discuss their work.

[4.] CREATIVE EXERCISES // Experimenting with materials for light and art interventions
The participants will investigate artistic materials.

[5.] CREATIVE EXERCISES // Experimenting with concepts for light and art interventions
The participants will develop new projects.

[6.] CREATIVE CONCEPTS // Presenting ideas and testing concepts for light and art interventions
Participants present light and art interventions.

#Audience: The workshop is open to artists, designers and architects, to students of creative disciplines and art lovers, urban explorers and social workers.

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