Mohssin Harraki

INTERFERENCE site: al-Rachidia (rue Driba, Tunis)

[Credits Photos: RTVE. Galerie Imane Farès. Diptykblog.]

Mohssin Harraki is a multi-disciplinary artist whose drawings, videos, installations, photography and performances evoke social, cultural and political issues.
His interest in culture and history brought him to analyse topics such as the history of Morocco since independence, genealogy as well as patterns of transmission of power and the development of nationalistic ideologies. Furthermore, as a Moroccan established in France, he often utilises his artistic creations to question the concept of construction of identity, memory and the collective. Thanks to a process of content selection based on the exchanges he has with his colleagues and the citizens, he develops interdisciplinary works which turn books and the written word into artistic mediums.

2010| Mahatta (collective work) | Cinémathèque of Tanger | Tanger (ma) 2010

2016| Tagant | Marrakech Biennale | Marrakech (ma)
2014| Songs of Loss and Songs of Love | Museum of Art | Gwangju (kr)
2014| Here and Elsewhere | New Museum | New York (usa)
2013| Absence-Presence, Twice (with Joseph Kosuth) | Galerie Imane Farès | Paris (fr)
2012| Shuffling Cards | Art-cade | Marseille (fr)

Arts Studies at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art of Dijon | Dijon (fr)
Arts Studies at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art of Toulon | Toulon (fr)
Arts Studies at the Institut National des Beaux-Arts of Tetouan | Tetouan (ma)
1981| Born | Asilah (ma)

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