Ingo Wendt

Two site-specific works, Light Mobile and Projected Bubbles were realized at the artist’s arrival in Tunis.

INTERFERENCE Projects: Light Mobile
Light Mobile is a structure of the light-responsive material which generates colored light reflections.Thanks to their complex mechanical structures Ingo Wendt’s machines create, respectively, differing color atmospheres in steady interaction with the surrounding space and the viewer.

INTERFERENCE Sites: El Ali (45 bis, rue Jemaa Zitouna, Tunis)

INTERFERENCE Projects: Projected Bubbles
Projected Bubbles is a system of soap-bubbles production creates magic effects of images’ distortion.

INTERFERENCE Sites: Placette Sidi Mouaouia (rue Sidi Mouaouia, Tunis)

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: I want to understand the world and also create new ones. For achieving this, I look for various occasions. As an artist, designer and trained craftsmen, I have developed a wide range of activities that mutually benefit each other. Addressing material, appearance, functionality and importance is reflected both in the conceptual and the applied work.

Ingo Wendt-Ingo Wendt-Ingo Wendt-Ingo Wendt

[Photos: Ingo Wendt, Sara Foerster, Daniel Hausig.]

Ingo Wendt’s artistic bearings are light art, architecture, and kinesis. He gets his inspiration from cultural realities, natural and urban landscapes as well as from architecture and historical places. His artworks, which often have a highly playful character, create beautiful atmospheres wherein colors become almost tactile matters. Even though this might not be his main focus, his interventions in public spaces have rarely failed to improve people’s ability to better value the urban and architectural environments they live in.

2014| Light_Act_Project (projection) | Saarbrücken (de)
2008| The Sun and The Ornamentegenerator | Luminale Light-festival | Gallery Anita Beckers | Frankfurt (de)
2007| Ehrenfeld, Art in public space | Lighthouse in Cologne (de)
2007| Stars over Ebertsheim (projection) | Ebertsheim world theater | Ebertsheim (de)
2006| City Fire | Luminale Park | Frankfurt (de)

Since 2010| Head Trainer of the Light Laboratory | Fine Arts College | Saarbrücken (de)
Since 2008| Teaching and training activity | Fine Arts College | Saarbrücken (de)
2007 | Degree in Free Arts | Fine Arts College | Saarbrücken (de)
2004 | Degree in Production Design | Saarbrücken (de)
1994 | Craftmanship | Ludwigshafen (de)
1964| Born | Schorndorf Baden-Württemberg (de)