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[Photos: Marion Frini]

Music, body performance, video, storytelling, ancient shadow theatre and, even, cutting edge live VJing, these are the techniques –to name a few— through which Ghazi and Marion Frini create their works.
Ghazi is a video maker, Marion a dancer. Yet, in spite of their differing backgrounds the Frinis succeed in making the most of their respective expertise by producing playful performances that often produce visual, illusionary effects.
Their goal is to reach the widest audience possible while undertaking as much artistic experimentation as their unconventional union may allow.
To do this, they utilize –according to what they use to say themselves— “humour as a key“: such is the artists’ favourite approach to deliver seemingly simple ideas, tell stories and raise up issues.
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2012| I’m Nobody’s Shadow| Dream City Biennale| Medina of Tunis (tn)
2010| Fi Hokka (in a a box) | Contemporary Dance Festival of Mada’art| Carthage (tn)
2010| Don Quichotte’s Delirium (collective installation)| Atelier D| Tunis (tn)

2014| VJ at Al Mawred Al Thaqafy Culturel Resource, Lebanon (lb)
2013| Video Editor at D-CAF Festival | Cairo (eg)
2011-2012| Video Creation and Control at the Théâtre Phou Theater Company
2011| Video Editor at Euronews Channel
2010-2012| Bachelor’s Degree in Screenwriting and Production, ESAD, Tunis (tn)



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